CML Creation Medical Laser®, technology for healtcare

Always committed to the creation of highly innovative products for the medical sector

Wide range of soft tissue dental lasers, from Blue to 450nm to Red to 810nm 5, 7, 8 and 15 Watts.
Developed to perform the most varied dental treatments: surgery, periodontitial, endodontics, bleaching, biostimulation, skin therapy and many others. All run in their own dental practice.

Smart IW endoral welder, designed and produced entirely in Italy,thanks to its internal electronic systems, is very reliable and precise, making all electrosaled implantology treatments (crystallization) safe and risk-free for patients. Featuring touch screen color and ergonomic grippers for simple use and precise welding.

Wide range of products for low-frequency electromagnetic pulse therapies. Great help and effectiveness in the treatment of inflammatory states, bone pathologies, reactivation of blood circulation, recovery of physiological conditions of balance, oxygenation and tissue nourishment, analgesic effect and stimulus to reabsorption edemas.

We are specialists in the design and production of OEM/ODM medical products and systems. Lasers: dentistry, veterinary and epilation; endoral welders; power and power systems and Magnetotherapy equipment.

We organize clinical training courses with industry specialists and opinion leaders and we are always present in the main events and medical fairs for the promotion of our products and services.

All our products, developed and made in Italy, have 24 months of warranty, factory repair service and service and periodic qualified calibration with official certificate.

We follow the marketing of our products throughout Italy and the rest of the world and we use a network of reliable distributors, fast and close to you.

Become a Creation Medical Solution reseller and discover all the benefits.

The company specializes in the design and production of electromedical equipment and since 2006 has been developing, producing and carrying out training on CML Creation Medical Laser products. In 2014 with the acquisition of the brand demonstrates the desire to continue the path of innovation started by Creation, with the introduction of new products and certification and production in OBL of medical devices with the customer’s brand.
One of the first to make laser dental devices portable through the use of rechargeable batteries and compact sources, the R&D journey continues today with a focus on ergonomics, functionality and the constant improvement of their Products.