Dental lasers

Our dental lasers are the result of more than 20 years experience in research and development of hight technology laser systems. The new CML diode lasers has been carefully engineered to provide an extremely high performance, affrodable and easy-to-use medical laser series.

Lasers are equipped with a large 7” touchscreen for guided selection of procedures and settings. The power and frequency adjustment range, depending on the model, is between 0.1-15W and between continuous (CW) and 35kHz, with variable duty cycle. Versions are available with main emitter 808nm/810nm (infrared) and 445nm/450nm (blue), and models with secondary emission 635nm (red).

All models can be used freely thanks to the built-in lithium battery, with support for fast charging, and can also work connected to the mains power supply. In addition, they are supplied with a detatchable handpiece holder, an accessible laser aperture allowing an easy, toolless replacement of handpieces and surgical fibers.

The wireless footswitch simplifies operation and mobility. We provide a wide accessory range, such as the surgical fibers and the handpieces.

Creation Medical Laser systems are entirely designed and manufactured in Italy.

Legacy dental lasers

CML Creation Medical Laser dental laser systems have always represented the state-of-the-art as innovative and functional products. After twenty years since their release, we are still providing calibration services and assistance: this is the result of product quality and commitment to our customers.

Knowledge base

Here is a short introduction on laser working principle, their advantages in dental clinics, and the answers to frequently asked questions on medical lasers.