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Creation Medical Laser – Technology for Healtcare

CML Creation Medical Laser™ has always been involved in research and development of innovative products for the medical and dentistry fields. We were among the first to design truly portable dental lasers by using rechargeable batteries and compact laser diodes. Our R&D department is working to improve our product series, by focusing on ergonomy and functionality.

Dental Lasers

We design, build and distribute our Dental Lasers, and we’re doing it for over 10 years. We grant long term service and assistance on all our products. We also design and deliver laser drivers for surgery, IPL and other dental applications, either in OEM or under customer specifications.

Sales Network

Creation Medical Laser devices are entierly developed and manufactured in Italy, and they are distributed by our company in Europe and by our distributors elsewhere. Contact us for more details.

Product Announcements

We are proud to annouce the new Implant Welding machine smartIW Implant Welding machine smart IW, an intra-oral welding device designed to ease immediate loading of dental implants. Today with ergonomic pliers and simple connection mechanism.

Creation Medical Laser

Creation Medical Laser™ is a registered trademark owned by Ennebi Elettronica, a company specialized in design and manufacturing of medical devices that since 2006 is working on CML Creation Medical Laser products. Since trademark acquisition in 2014 we’re working to provide innovative products and OBL services for our partners.

We provide warranty, service and periodic calibration facilities in our factory. All our products are designed and manufactured in Italy.