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Project Description

Smart IW

Endoral welder for titanium implants

Secondary stabilization of titanium implants. Increases success rate with immediate loading.

Welding procedure is preset and users are guided by the on-screen graphical and acoustic signals.

Welding power can be adjusted with a simple on screen cursor. Presets can be saved for most used conditions. Single and double pulses modes.

Intuitive touchscreen with fast and friendly parameter configuration.

Ergonomic pliers carefully designed to allow simple and clean welding of titanium abutments with wires or bars.

Endoral welder smartIW is designed to increase the success rate of immediate loading implants and to help in case of challenging conditions where a secondary stabilization method is required.
Intraoral welders have been developed to allow insertion of titanium implants (built by either one or two pieces), weldment of wire on abutment or emerging part of implants and insertion of dental crown or fixed prothesis. Endoral welders operate directly in the oral cavity by applying a high current pulse, very short in time. Heat is confined on a single point, without heathing other tissues.

High current welding method joins the two titanium sections by using both heat and pressure applied by the pliers. Temperature on titanium surface is lower than its melting point, and heat is mostly extracted by the pliers. The metal join created by the syncrystallization process has flexibility similar to that of supporting bones, and limits micromovements of the implants thus improving osteointegrations

Immediately loaded implants reduce inconvenience for the patient: definitive fixed prothesis can be placed in a single session or in the very following days (depending on primary stability wich has to be assured anyway).

For more details on methods and applications have a look at this introduction.

Intraoral welder smartIW is a CE certified medical product commercialized within the European Union and other States recognizing this certification. Electrical currents at the operational voltages are harmless for the patient. The device is supplied with additional security measures preventing operation if the pliers are not closed; patient is completely insulated from the mains voltege.

Intuitive color LCD screen allows simple selection of power level needed for a defined wire and screw. Additional configureation can be edited and saved.

Current level, pulse mode and welding status are immediately available on the operation page. A footswtich allows hands free operation. Operation phases, alarms and optimal condition where pliers can be removed is displayed on the screen and noticed by means of an acoustic sounder.

The new ergonomic pliers have a better visibility of the working area and ease the process. Simple connection and disconnection method have beed designed for simplest operation and sterilization.

Welding procedure can be activated by on screen button or footswitch.

User interface languages: English, Italian, Spanish.

Ergonomic pliers with fast terminal disconnection for easy disinfection of the parts.

The force applied on the electrodes can be easily adjusted. Press-to-open mechanism is designed to allow uniform pressure to be applied on the joint with no dependence on the force applied by the operator.

Power 110-230V AC 50/60Hz
Output 3kA max <1ms
LCD Touchscreen a colori
Dimensions 30cm x 35cm x 20cm circa
Weight 7 Kg
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