Project Description

CML Brave Laser

RED LASER: 15W – 810 nm
GREEN LASER: 520 nm 2mW

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High performance and high efficiency for dentistry, aesthetics, dermatological surgery and antalgic therapy

The CML BRAVE LASER It is a 15W – 810nm powerful diode Laser suitable for multidisciplinary therapies in dentistry. The cutting precision, hemostasis, decontamination and biostimulation make diode laser the most versatile instrument in dentistry. The CML Brave Laser in dental bleaching offers considerable advantages in terms of speed and effectiveness. In the modern dentist practice it becomes a leading tool in the different applications like:

Dental / Aesthetic applications

• Bloodless incisions
• Excision of neoformations
• Gingivectomy
• Frenulectomy, Frenectomy
• Gingivoplasty
• Abscesses curettage
• Biopsies
• Haemostasis/coagulation
• Operculectomy
• Leukoplakia
• Mucocele/Ranula
• Clinical crown lengthening
• Guiding plans and clinical crown exposure to ease eruption
• Removal of Granulation Tissue
• Creation of OVATE PONTICS
• Post-extraction Alveolar Decontamination

• Cavity decontamination
• Re-mineralisation of the tooth enamel
• Desensitization of the tooth necks
• Sealing of the dentinal tubules
• Pulp coagulation
• Vitrification

• Decontamination of the Root Canal and periapical lesions resolution
• Pulpotomy

• Decontamination of teeth sulcus, periodontal pockets and bifurcations
• Periimplantitis
• Anti-inammatory action against gingivitis

• No retraction cords necessary for the preparation of the gingival sulcus to create the cast
• Sulcus extension

• Pre/post-surgery and Pre-implantation bio-stimulation
• It treats: aphthous ulceration, Herpes labialis
• Lichen planus
• Mycosis
• Leukoplakia
• Epulis

• Bleaching
• Tooth discolouration

• Photo-chemical and photo-biological effect in tissue cells
• Painless, non-invasive
• Arthro-rheumatic disorders, sports traumatology, rehabilitative therapy, specialist therapies, etc.
• Analgesic rehabilitation
• Acupuncture preparation
• Channelling of active ingredients

Dental / Aesthetic Applications

Features for all models:
Fast charging; energy saving stand-by function.
Multi-user customised settings.
7″ color screen – tablet like – portrait 480×800 pixels
 User-friendly displays that simplifies the selection of the most used pre-set treatments and the customization of treatments.
Wireless and wired footswitch available.
Operation with gloves and stylus pen.

Standard Kit:
Laser unit
200gm and 400gm surgery fibre
Surgical fibre handpiece
Defocusing handpiece
3 pairs of goggles
Rechargeable battery
Battery charger
Remote Interlock
Instruction manual in electronic format

Max. power on fibre 15W continuos
Wavelength: 810nm: for surgery and generic treatments.
520nm: high-power pointer for laser therapy
Laser type Laser Diode AlGaAs, CW (Class IV)
Operation mode Continuous, Pulsed, High frequency pulsed
Impulse 25μs-10s
Pulse / Frequency 0.2-1 ms / 0-10 kHz
Dimensions and Weight 22 x 24 x 10 cm – 2.5 kg
Battery life 2 hours at max. power
Certification CE 0068