Project Description

CML Dental Laser

RED LASER: 5/8/15W – 810 nm

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Minimum-invasive interventions, lower complications risks, accelerated healing.

The CML RED LASER range has been designed to achieve unprecedented versatility, by combining maximum portabili- ty, ease of use and full control of the parameters.
The 810nm infra-red emission, also available in the 5W, 8W and 15W continuous versions, is intended for several applications such as surgery, decontamination, aesthetics and bio-stimulation; it can also be used for product activation for bleaching.
The penetration depth of the laser and the related absorption of the tissues allows for achieving precision of intervention, lowers the bleeding and reducing the use of anaesthetics. The hemostatic and decontaminant action allows to signi cantly mitigate complications compared to the conventional surgery methods.

Dental / Aesthetic Applications

Features for all models:
Smart network/batteries power management.
Fast charging; energy saving stand-by function.
Multi-user customised settings.
7″ user-friendly touch screen displays that simplifies the selection of pre-set treatments and customisation of treatments.
Wireless and wired footswitch available.
Operation with gloves and with no pen.

Standard Kit:
Laser unit
200gm and 400gm surgery fibre
Surgical fibre handpiece
Defocusing handpiece
3 pairs of goggles
Rechargeable battery
Battery charger
Remote Interlock
Instruction manual in electronic format

Max. power on fibre 5W / 8W / 15W
Wavelength: 810nm: for surgery and generic treatments.
520nm: high-power pointer for laser therapy
Laser type Laser Diode AlGaAs, CW (Class IV)
Operation mode Continuous, pulsed and super-pulsed
Impulse 25μs-10s
Pulse frequency 0-20 kHz
Dimensions and Weight 160 x 210 x 180 mm – 2.5kg
Battery life 2 hours at max. power
Certification CE 0068