CML EasyTouch Laser 5W – 810 nm

RED LASER: 5W – 810 nm

High-accuracy dental surgery, no pain and lower post-operative complications

The CML EASYTOUCH LASER The CML EasyTouch Laser meets all requirements for surgery on the soft tissues of the oral cavity and has been successfully used in many complex dentistry applications. It minimises pain, reduces bleeding and post-surgery complications, thanks to the decontamination and bio-stimulation action of the high- intensity light. CML EasyTouch Laser has been designed and manufactured to be versatile, ergonomic and easy to use. The front output for the connection of the optical fibre and the wide colour touch-screen display makes it extremely easy to use, to select treatments and to check the device status. The laser is supplied in a package ready for use and comes with a standard kit of accessories.

Dental /Aesthetic applications

• Bloodless incisions
• Excision of neoformations
• Gingivectomy
• Frenulectomy, Frenectomy
• Gingivoplasty
• Abscesses curettage
• Biopsies
• Haemostasis/coagulation
• Operculectomy
• Leukoplakia
• Mucocele/Ranula
• Clinical crown lengthening
• Guiding plans and clinical crown exposure to ease eruption
• Removal of Granulation Tissue
• Creation of OVATE PONTICS
• Post-extraction Alveolar Decontamination

• Cavity decontamination
• Re-mineralisation of the tooth enamel
• Desensitization of the tooth necks
• Sealing of the dentinal tubules
• Pulp coagulation
• Vitrification

• Decontamination of the Root Canal and periapical lesions resolution
• Pulpotomy

• Decontamination of teeth sulcus, periodontal pockets and bifurcations
• Periimplantitis
• Anti-inammatory action against gingivitis

• No retraction cords necessary for the preparation of the gingival sulcus to create the cast
• Sulcus extension

• Pre/post-surgery and Pre-implantation bio-stimulation
• It treats: aphthous ulceration, Herpes labialis
• Lichen planus
• Mycosis
• Leukoplakia
• Epulis

• Photo-chemical and photo-biological effect in tissue cells
• Painless, non-invasive
• Arthro-rheumatic disorders, sports traumatology, rehabilitative therapy, specialist therapies, etc.
• Analgesic rehabilitation
• Acupuncture preparation
• Channelling of active ingredients

Dental / Aesthetic Applications