Intense Pulsed Light drivers (IPL)

Research & Development

Power supply groups and control systems for IPL
Ennebi Elettronica è a disposizione del cliente per la realizzaizone di prodotti elettromedicali personalizzati ed è in grado di seguire lo sviluppo elettronico e meccanico, la certificazione, la produzione e la gestione della qualità secondo ISO 13485.
Ennebi Elettronica designed and manufactures systems and OEM components for IPL application, such as:
Capacitor charge systems for intense pulsed light lamps, designed for epilation and aestetics.
Digital systems for charge conditions management, discharge, balancing, power and temperature control.
Auxiliary circuits power supply units.
Ennebi Elettronica has strong skills and experience in the areas of power driving and control in medical applications, and is able to develop innovative and highly integrated products with a full service that includes mechanical, firmware, software development activities and support for CE and/or FDA certification activities.