Drivers for medical lasers

Research & Development

Drivers for laser, IPL and medical power supply
Are you looking for a reliable research, design, development and manufacturing facility for your medical products? We provide regulatory assessment, product design, electronic and software development services, manufacturing and assistance within ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality certifications.
Ennebi Elettronica develops and manufactures laser drivers and pulsed light power units:
Digitally controlled, calibratable and programmable current-regulated laser drivers with continuous and pulse driving.
Laser head temperature control systems, either by active thermoelectric cell cooling or systems with conventional heat pump refrigeration.
Driver for laser stack for aesthetics and hair removal.
Systems designed to drive multiple wavelengths and different diode sources, by pumping (Er:Yag or Nd:Yag) or direct emission.

Depending on the customer’s needs, ready-made components can be proposed for integration, functional blocks can be used to build a device as needed, or a completely new product can be engineered, including mechanical, firmware, and software development activities and including regulatory analysis required for CE and/or FDA certification.