Development and manufacturing of medical systems


Electro Medical Systems
Ennebi Elettronica è a disposizione del cliente per la realizzaizone di prodotti elettromedicali personalizzati ed è in grado di seguire lo sviluppo elettronico e meccanico, la certificazione, la produzione e la gestione della qualità secondo ISO 13485.
Ennebi Elettronica, in the years, designed and manufacture medical systems at different complexity levels, from simple actuators to devices including multiple sensors (optical, temperature, flow, pressure, speed, vibration, gas sensing…) and software in classes B and C according to IEC 62304. We designed a number of reusable modules to ease development:
Resistive and capacitive touch screen displays, with high noise immunity, scratch and ball pressure test resistant. Cover glass, color and frame size can be changed according to customer requirements, together with glove functionality, additional immunity to water drops or washable. HMI, LVDS, RGB, VGA interfaces

Linux®, Android®, or proprietary OS systems
Low cost, microcontroller based user interfaces
Development for Windows®, Linux®, Android® and on microcontroller firmware for most common 8, 16 and 32 bit platforms.
Multi-media functionality such as audio, video, USB, wireless (WiFi®, Bluetooth®, ZigBee®..) , sensors

Ennebi Elettronica provides, either internally or via its partner network, high quality mechanical design services, optical development, graphical design, and Linux® board support packages.
Windows® is a registerd trademark of Microsoft Corporation in United States and in other countries.
Linux® is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in United States and in other countries.
Android® is a registerd trademark of Google Inc.